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Fracturing Hose

YITAI High pressure fracturing hoses should be used in place of your iron products.

For the purposes of operating your frac site, YITAI high-pressure fracking hose is a more effective alternative to conventional iron products. It is produced in numerous lengths and with a variety of end connections. Up to 20000 psi is possible for the pressure.

YITAI swage- on frac hose adopts new crimped methods to significantly reduce the product weight and production cost, the finished frac hose is much more flexible than the vulcanized frac hose with built- in fittings.

This frac hose uses Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene in its inner tube structure. It provides you with excellent resistance against corrosion, abrasion to meet your various fracking requirements.

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Ultra Wear-resistant Acid Fracturing Hose

Ultra Wear-resistant Acid Fracturing Hose

YITAI is a leading professional manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces Ultra wear-resistant acid fracturing hose with 20+ years of experience.

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YITAI® is one of professional Fracturing Hose manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality, durable, advanced, classy and easy-maintainable Fracturing Hose is not only made in China, but also have a cheap price. Welcome to our factory wholesale products. We have inventory and can provide 1 year warranty.
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