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YITAI-- The fully automatic intelligent low-pressure suction and discharge hose production line successfully tested


On November 25, the fully automatic intelligent low-pressure suction and discharge hose production line of Shandong Yitai Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. successfully tested and was officially put into use. The fully automated nature of the production line will significantly improve production efficiency and product quality, and enable greater accuracy and consistency of products. The commissioning of this production line is another new breakthrough in the field of soft pipe production by Yitai. Yitai will provide customers with more efficient and reliable low-pressure suction and discharge hose products.

Shandong Yitai Hydraulics is a company specializing in the production of hydraulic hoses, rubber composite hoses, oil drilling hoses, fracturing hoses, marine transmission hoses and providing fluid transmission optimization solutions, shale oil and gas incremental transportation optimization solutions, offshore A national high-tech enterprise providing efficient pipeline transportation solutions.

Low-pressure suction and discharge hoses are commonly used pipeline products in the industrial field and are used to transport low-pressure liquid or gas flows. These pipes are widely used in water supply systems, oil and gas fields, HVAC systems and many other industrial processes. The current market demand for high quality, stable and durable suction and discharge pipes is increasing.

Yitai has always been committed to providing excellent fluid transportation and flexible hose solutions. The successful launch of the fully automated low-pressure suction and discharge hose production line is precisely to meet the market's demand for efficient flexible hose products. This further solidifies Yitai's position as a leading manufacturer in the hose sector.

The company has a first-class engineer team and high-quality manufacturing equipment. We will continue to strive for innovation, continuously improve product quality, provide customers with the best engineering solutions, constantly pursue excellence, and meet customer needs.  

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